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Ipswich Good Food Group



In 2012 we initiated the Ipswich Good Food Group, a member-owned, volunteer run, not-for-profit buying group. Since then we have put food on the dinner tables of over 400 families and collectively injected almost $700,000 into the local farming economy. We run on four principles: 

1. Localism

By concentrating our buying power towards local producers and businesses, far more money stays in our community. Reforging the links between growers/makers and consumers reduces carbon miles, strengthens community bonds and makes for fresher, healthier food.


2. Regenerative Agriculture

The climatic challenges that face us can seem insurmountable. The answer lies in caring for and growing our soils. Soil regeneration sequesters carbon, enhances biodiversity, holds and filters water and protects communities. Although organic certification is one way of ensuring our food is grown using regenerative methods, any certification system only replaces the relationship of trust we used to have with our producers. We are able to support many small, diverse farmers who cannot afford certification because we foster that relationship of trust through a short, direct supply chain.


3. Ethical Consumerism

"Cheap" food really isn't. If you aren't paying a decent price for your food, someone else is paying the price. It may be the farmer locked into restrictive and unprofitable contracts with the retail duopoly, it may be farm workers or processors being exploited, it may be the animals we rely on suffering terribly in factory farming facilities. Ultimately, it will be all our children and grandchildren who are left to pick up the tab. 


4. Community Resilience

Our reliance on long, centralized, fossil-fuel-dependent food supply chains leaves us vulnerable to food security crises. Grass-roots, localized, democratic supply chain models increase a community's resilience to change. Food is the universal communicator, every culture on the planet recognizes the importance of the shared meal. Our ties to our family, neighbours and the wider community are strengthened over good food.


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