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2021 President's Report

Well, another great year for IGFG. Reading through the President's Report from last year, we here in South East Queensland have had a lot to be grateful for in 2021 - no horrendous bushfires, spared so far the worst of COVID-19, steadying employment opportunities. Ipswich has thus far not seen the devastation of wild storms and destructive hail that we saw in 2020. Life is so good here in Ipswich that many are trying to escape here, so I’m sure you know someone caught up in the rental crisis. We all crave security, yet life can be unpredictable and there is often change and lack of control to challenge us.

Sometimes change and challenge can drive us to explore alternatives, to step outside of the accepted consumer paradigm. Here at IGFG we support food security as a community of buyers through challenging the food system; we think locally to reduce food miles and generate a resilient local economy; we think fairly to ensure living wages for small farmers; we think about the impact of agriculture on the environment, actively supporting regenerative and ecologically-sound farming practices, we think healthfully and eat seasonally to

have the freshest, most nutrient dense food for our families. We have been able to reduce end of week wastage by passing on produce to a local charity. Being part of this community of Ipswich Good Food Group is bigger than you think!

We continue to thrive in this awesome space at Park Street. We have worked hard to make it more of a one stop shop, broadening the range and listening to your requests. We do encourage you to let us know any specific needs you have so we can try to source them for you. And sometimes we just can’t help ourselves with the deliciousness we come across - I like to blame Nicola!

We do know, however, there is so much potential for Park Street to be used as a hub for good food initiatives. This year we have welcomed Savour Soil Permaculture running their courses here and look forward to a continued relationship next year. We have been approached by Ipswich City Council who are keen to support and promote any activities we plan as part of their Sustainability Initiatives. We are only constrained by our need for more hands on deck to run with their creative ideas and bring them to reality.

We have an awesome team of very committed, regular volunteers setting up, running the shop meets, packing away and closing down. Other regular not so obvious jobs are happening each week; changing the price signs, entering payments, updating spreadsheets etc. Our committee are in regular contact making everyday decisions on behalf of IGFG. Our secretary Nicola and treasurer Nelson have huge roles and would like to share the load, or at least have backups for various jobs. I would like backup for the weekly ordering,

especially as my personal circumstances are changing. Every job is a volunteer job and all members benefit from the giving of time and energy. These jobs are not difficult, but we do need commitment to keep functioning well.

I have enjoyed my time as President for the past 3 1⁄2 years, having stepped in as Interim President when Deb left. I’m really proud of where we are at both financially and as a community. I know that as a committee we have always tried to act for the benefit of the group. We are very diverse, but that does not equal discord because the vision is beyond ourselves. IGFG is very valuable as an agent of change and as a community the resource. I hope there is someone willing to step in as I bow out to meet my family’s needs.

Congratulations to Tracey Heit on her election as the new IGFG President. I know she will do a wonderful job and I am sure she has the full support of all the members.

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